Process Optimization

Can you see the forest for the trees?
Our perspective will help you identify your blind spot.

Marketplace Expertise

Thousands of technology solutions.
Which one should you choose?

Business Analytics

Data is to analytics as stars are to constellations.
Let us help you connect the dots.

Workplace Strategy

Is your organization going through changes?
Our advisory services team can set you on the right path.

Our Approach

Process First was born out of a growing demand for practical guidance based on industry expertise.

  • We are trusted Advisors to our real estate and facilities management customers
  • We do not start with a product or solution in mind
  • We work with your process to achieve your goals
  • We use our marketplace expertise and your criteria to develop the right solution
  • We can streamline your otherwise time consuming solution development approach

Process Optimization

Our approach to Process Optimization takes a zero technology solution approach to identify inefficiencies in your workflow.

  • How much capacity could be gained by automating repetitive work?
  • Are there opportunities to consolidate or re-organize functions?
  • Are you searching for a technology solution when what you have is a process issue?

We’ll present you with a process map that will identify areas for improvement.

Marketplace Expertise

Finding the right solution strategy to optimize your Real Estate portfolio, manage your daily operations needs, and keep executives informed can be a daunting task.

  • What will it cost you?
  • Will it fit in with your technology strategy?
  • Can you change the way that you work with your existing tools?

Our unbiased approach will provide your organization with the right solution strategy.

Business Analytics

Understanding how thousands of data points across multiple systems align is critical to success and is one of the biggest challenges that organizations face.

Our Corporate Real Estate and Facility Management analytics solutions will bring your data together and present them to you in a whole new light.

Workplace Strategy

Now that you have the right tools and processes in place to understand what makes your environment tick, it’s time to turn your information into action.

  • Is your company downsizing or in a growth cycle? Is your portfolio designed to accommodate changes?
  • Is your workplace setup to succeed in a flexible workplace strategy? Would it work for all departments or only some?
  • Are you maximizing the utilization of your Real Estate portfolio? Are there opportunities to consolidate or expand your portfolio?
  • Can your company benefit from LEED certification or engaging in an Environmental Sustainability initiative?

Our Advisory Services team will put you on the path to a successful workplace strategy.

Why do we work the way we do?

Our goal is simple: To become trusted advisers to our clients in the Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management realms. Other consulting companies start with a product or solution in mind, and we don’t think the product comes first. The ProcessFirst approach starts with an understanding about how you work and then we identify solutions that will help you to achieve your goals.

Our recipe for success guides us to finding the right solution for you based solely on your success criteria, and our expertise with marketplace solutions. Our straight forward approach allows us to greatly streamline some of the time consuming work that is common to the programs and projects that our customers encounter.

What’s in your process?

ProcessFirst was born out of a growing demand for practical guidance based on industry expertise. Our sister company, Adaptive Workplace Solutions, has experienced a growing demand for solutions in Corporate Real Estate, Space Planning, Capital Projects and Asset Management.

Conversations which used to be more generic have become much more detailed. This is partially due to newly created rules and regulations, such as those recently implemented by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and partially because companies are seeking richer analytics and understanding about their workplace. ProcessFirst employs deep industry knowledge across functional areas in order to help you to gain competitive advantage.

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